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Life Is A Test人生是一场考试

It makes for a lot of stress, and we tend to feel that there will be more hard lessons in life.这是个让人充满压力的比喻,我们时常感觉人生就是一个不断面临各种课题的过程。 Life Is An Adventure人生是一次冒险

It orients us towards seeing the unpredictable events and circumstances as potentially fun and interesting challenges.这个比喻强调了生命中不可预知的情况,并暗示我们将未知因素视为有趣的挑战。 Life Is A Punishment人生是一个惩罚

It is inherent in some religions, which suggest a punishing "purification" through life as a means to some great reward afterward.这个比喻来源于某些宗教,它们认为人生就是通过惩罚性的“净化”以在死后通达更高的境界。 Life Is A Movie人生是一部电影

It may provide a positive perspective in that it suggests there are variousplots available.这个比喻提供了一个积极的视角,因为它暗示人生可以有很多种不同的“剧情”。 Life Is An Opportunity人生是一次机遇

The perspective this creates is one that encourages actions and going after your dreams and goals.这个比喻鼓励我们积极采取行动,追逐梦想和目标。 Life Is A Waiting Room人生是一间等候室

It is hard to imagine a more passive perspective: we wait for "our ship to come in," for example, or say, "my time will come." We wait to hear "opportunity knocking," or "my turn." Of course, none of these ideas encourage us to take action to make things happen.或许没有比这个比喻更消极的了:如果我们总是等待救生筏,等待时机的到来,等待机遇来敲门……当然,也就不会主动采取行动了。