rival300 渐变:关于可口可乐你不可不知的10个小秘密(双语)

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1. Did you know Coca-Cola was initially green? Today the other name of trademark Coco Cola is the Red Empire.你知不知道可口可乐最开始是绿色的?今天可口可乐也被叫做红色王国。

2. Coca Cola can be used to clean toilet, removing grease stains and to loosen rustybolts.可口可乐可以用来搞厕所的卫生、祛除油渍残留,还可以用来松化生锈的铁钉。

3. Coca Cola was basically made by John Pemberton, as a cure for headaches and today there is a term known as Coco Cola Phobia which refers to Addiction to Coco Cola.可口可乐最早是被John Pemberton研制出来治疗头痛的,而我们今天所说的“可口可乐恐惧症”就是用来指那些喝可乐喝到上瘾的人。

4. I Didn’t know that Coca Cola can be used to cure Jellyfish stings.被水母蛰伤也可以用可口可乐来治疗哦。

5. Coca Cola is the most recognized word in the World after the word “OK”. Isn’t that amazing?除了“OK”以外,世界上被大家最广泛认识的英语单词就是“Coca Cola”了。神奇有木有?

6. The production of Coca-Cola is equal to if Niagara Falls flows at its normal rate of 1.5 million gallons per second instead of water. The falls will flow for straight 38 hours and 46 minutes.尼亚加拉瀑布每秒流水量是150万加仑,而可口可乐的产量可能需要尼亚加拉瀑布奔腾38小时46分钟。

7. Coca Cola is a cold beverage but it is served as a hot one in different countries as a cure for cold.可口可乐是冷饮,但是在一些国家人们会用热的可口可乐来治感冒。

8. Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine till 1905, but was removed due to public concern.1905年以前的可口可乐里是含有可卡因的,之后由于公众压力将可卡因从中去除。

9. Coca Cola has more than 9 Million Estimated Retail Outlets in 206 Regions which is more than the countries in UN and it is also said that the Coco Cola’s global sales estimate is $60 Billion a year.可口可乐在全球206个地区约有9百万个零售网点,这比加入联合国的国家还要多。而可口可乐每年销售值可能达到600个亿美元收入。

10. Did you know every second more than 15000 Coco Cola Drinks are being consumedin the World? Which makes it 1.6 Billion oz. Coco Cola servings every day in the World?你知不知道每秒全球就有1万5千瓶可口可乐被喝掉。为了跟上如此之大的消耗量,全球可口可乐公司每天要生产160万盎司的可口可乐。