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Chinese Bamboo Culture中国竹文化

Bamboo culture is deeply rooted in the daily life of the Chinese. It is one of the four favorite plants along with Chinese plum, orchid and chrysanthemum, the so-called Four Men of Honor, the characters of which are highly admired by the Chinese people. Throughout the centuries, bamboo has inspired the imagination of artists, while men of letters have written poetry and prose to express their admiration for the purity and elegance of bamboo.竹文化深深植根于中国人的日常生活。竹子以其备受推崇的品性,与梅、兰、菊并称为“四君子”,是最深受中国人喜爱的四种植物。几个世纪以来,在“竹”这一形象的激发下,无数文人骚客创作了大量诗词歌赋,以表达对竹子纯洁、优雅之气的赞美。

Bamboo Culture Festival has become popular in recent years. To take part in a bamboo culture festival is probably the best opportunity to learn the bamboo culture. During a bamboo culture festival, there are usually exhibitions of bamboo carvings, poems and paintings. Bamboo painting is an important part of Chinese traditional painting. You can also see all kinds of bamboos, feel their spirit with yourheart to bring you peace and harmony.近年来,竹文化节日渐兴盛起来。参与这样的节日或许是了解竹文化的最好机会了。在文化节上,通常会有竹雕、竹画和与竹子有关的诗歌展览。竹画是中国传统绘画的一个重要组成部分。同时,你还能欣赏到各种各样的竹子,用心体会它们的神韵,从而获得内心的宁静与和谐。

Chinese Bamboo garden is also a part of the bamboo culture. Tall and graceful withluxuriant foliage, bamboo is an ideal plant for household courtyards and parks. You can find bamboo just about everywhere in China as long as it can be grown. Gardens are usually good places to see bamboo, such as the famous Purple Bamboo Garden in Beijing and Guyi Garden in Shanghai. The Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in Sichuan Province has become a popular destination, which consists of 28 peaks fully covered with bamboo, thanks to the movie 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.'中国式竹园也是竹文化的一部分。高大、茂盛、优雅的竹子是庭院和公园里的理想植物。在中国,只要是适宜竹子生长的地方,你都能发现它们。园林通常是观赏竹子的理想之地,著名的有北京的紫竹园和上海的古猗园。有着28座遍布竹子的山峰的四川蜀南竹海风景区,由于电影《卧虎藏龙》,已成为著名游览胜地。

Bamboo was closely connected with the daily lives of people in ancient China. The Chinese used bamboo for making household articles and weapons, such as bows and arrows. Before paper was invented, slips of bamboo were the most important writing medium. Today, bamboo is widely used for household articles such as mats, beds, pillows, benches, chairs, cabinets, buckets, chopsticks, spoons, baskets, and handheld fans.在古代,竹子和人们的日常生活息息相关。中国人用竹子制作各种家居用品和武器,比如竹碗、竹箭。在发明纸张以前,竹简是最常用的书写介质。时至今日,竹子仍旧被广泛用于制造垫子、床、枕头、凳椅、橱柜、桶、筷子、勺子、扇子等各种家居用品。